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Goa9- Online Cricket Betting in India

With Goa9, you can follow every cricket betting event online. Global live leagues, T20s, and the prestigious Ashes are just a few main competitions and tournaments where you may discover odds for cricket.

Here you may find the most recent odds for online cricket betting in India.

. We have heart-pounding betting action from One Day Internationals, or maybe you like to watch wickets fall in the County Championships?

You can follow in-play action, our most recent promotions, and exclusive discounts because everything is accessible on desktop, mobile, and tablet.

How does cricket gambling operate?

You may bet on all the traditional cricket odds at Goa9, including outright winners and who will take the most catches.

Select your bets, include them on your slip, deposit your wager, and you`re ready to go.

We provide various alternatives for betting on cricket using your PC or mobile devices, whether it be on test matches, regional competitions, or Twenty20 matchups that catch your eye. 

We also consider our gaming obligations to be significant. Read more here about our security measures. 

Betting odds on cricket

You can watch the action from the top competitions in the world here, whether you have a gut feeling about who will win the toss or you only play after the first few overs have been bowled. 

You can get the odds for India vs. Australia right here. Pregame or live in-play wagering Perhaps you have your sights set on an undisputed victor? You may want to place a wager on who will slip first. 

Regional Championship

With all of the Regional Championship games, jump into the national side. Make bets on game results, championship winners, and more. 

Indian Premier League (IPL)

Engage yourselves in the latest IPL cricket betting markets as the top players in the world compete for one of the sport`s most prestigious awards. The current odds are available on traditional bets such as the most fours, sixes, or top run scorers. 

At Goa9, you can also participate in other cricket competitions.

ICC Champions Trophy

One Day Internationals (ODI)

ICC Cricket World Cup

ICC World Twenty20 tournament (World T20)

Twenty20 Big Bash

And more 

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Things To Know About Cricket betting

You can place a wager on major local and international matches involving the finest teams globally at any time of the year. We offer odds for every significant form of cricket, including series played by Australia, India, New Zealand, and England, as well as matches between teams competing in various national leagues. 

Here you`ll find all your favorite cricket wagers, including: 

Match winner

Decide on a clear winner by making a prediction. Who will win the game? 

Winning the coin toss

Who will choose to bowl or bat after the coin is flipped? Make a wager here. 

Odds for run-scorers

In a game or the entire tournament, bet on the player who scored the most runs.

Bowling bets

Take a chance on the player who claims the most wickets throughout a game or tournament. 

Most fours and sixes

Bet who triumphs when boundaries are taken into account. These days, there are some very heavy hitters.

There are many further possibilities; see our list of pregame and in-play odds in the live match tab. 

Calculator for cricket odds

Use the Goa9 betting calculator to learn a ton of intriguing information about your chosen event so that each online cricket wager you place is as well-informed as possible.

Cricket Tips

We will provide all the information you need for online cricket betting in india, whether you`re seeking the most recent team news, advice from our cricket insiders, or a summary of the results.

Check out our cricket betting recommendations today, exploring our odds and following the most recent events from across the globe.

Promotions and Specials (T&Cs apply)

Whether the boys are flying or the centuries are piling up, we have a variety of specials, promotions, and deals throughout the cricket season to make things a little hotter.

To add a little extra to the upcoming round of fixtures, check your inbox or our pages for the most recent specials and promos as they vary weekly. 

Cricket betting online - FAQs

How can I place a cricket bet?

It`s simple to place a cricket wager with Goa9. Once you`ve logged into your account, choose which bets to add to your betting slip and place your wager. Your earnings will show up in your account, ready for withdrawal or use on another wager if they are successful. Here, along with various other sports and wagering options, including football, darts, and more, you`ll discover all your favorite cricket wagers.

What should I keep in mind when making a cricket wager?

There are many factors to think about before putting your cricket bets. Before choosing where to make your wager, consider the team lineup, whether players are in good shape, and any injuries to key players. Consider who is playing at home and the weather, as these things can all affect the action we witness at the crease.

What are the odds in cricket?

Cricket odds are comparable to those in other popular sports. When you first check at the upcoming fixtures, you`ll be in good shape if you have a basic understanding of how betting operates. For instance, in a 2/1 wager, be aware that if you win, you will receive £2 for every £1 staked in addition to your initial wager. But remember that just because a team enters the game as the favorite doesn`t necessarily imply they`ll win. 

What is the process of the Indian Premier League?

Some of the most skilled players in the world compete in the IPL, one of the top leagues available. The competition sets each team against another twice, playing both at home and away, similar to the English Premier League in football. The top four competitors in a series of qualification games to get to the championship game, where the top two qualifiers compete for the coveted T20 cricket title.